10 BIG Steps for Mastering Farm Management: Chaos to Control

10 Steps for Mastering Farm Management: From Chaos to Control

10 Steps for Mastering Farm Management: From Chaos to Control Effective farm management is key to transitioning from a chaotic operation to one that’s controlled and efficient. Here’s a 10-step guide to mastering farm management for optimal productivity and sustainability. Comprehensive Planning Step to Mastery: Develop a detailed farm plan. Key Process: Create a comprehensive […]

From Startups to Established Farms: The Best is with LiveFarmer

From Startups to Established Farms Farming Software for All Scales of Agriculture with LiveFarmer

From Startups to Established Farms: Farming Software for All Scales of Agriculture with LiveFarmer In the vast and varied world of agriculture, from sprouting startups to time-honoured, established farms, there’s one commonality – the perpetual search for increased efficiency and productivity. Regardless of the scale of operations, every agricultural entrepreneur dreams of optimising their processes. […]

Government Funding Opportunities


The UK government has launched a £1m competition to fund projects that will help self-employed individuals and employees in small businesses gain access to occupational health (OH) services.

Farming Mental Health Importance: Number 1 Priority

occupational health agriculture - farming mental health

As an industry that is essential to the global food supply chain, it’s imperative to prioritise the well-being of those working in agriculture. The mental health of farm labourers is often overlooked, but it’s a critical issue that requires attention.

How does farm planning produce better crops?

LiveFarmer: Farm management software - Farm Planning

Farm planning is the process of developing a comprehensive plan for the management and operation of a farm. The goal of a farm plan is to optimise the use of resources and increase efficiency and profitability.

Automation: Best way to build traceability & compliance 2022

Farming automation

Automation: build traceability and compliance Keeping ever stage, issue, and solution documented is a laborious task. If you miss anything off, it can be almost impossible to find the information. Supermarkets require full traceability documents in order for you to sell to them. By having set processes that are linked per job, you can see […]

Crop yield predictions, the affect on farming process​es

Kale yield grown with KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster Crop yield predictions

Crop yield predictions, and how they affect the farming process Farming can be a complicated, and involved industry; where you are working with organic matter. You are subject to factors out of your control, such as the weather, faulty machinery, and disease. Having a strict and robust farmplan can limit mistakes, and create a more […]