Crop yield predictions, and how they affect the farming process

Farming can be a complicated, and involved industry; where you are working with organic matter. You are subject to factors out of your control, such as the weather, faulty machinery, and disease. Having a strict and robust farmplan can limit mistakes, and create a more efficient crop cycle. Knowing exactly where everything is, such as assets, machinery, people, and inventory, helps keep everyone up to date and on the same page.  

Keep your farm manager in the loop with auto  crop yield predictions

To get the most out of your farm manager, they need to be kept informed, and set clear tasks that need to be completed. If there is going to be a delay, then this information needs to be disseminated to the relevant people quickly. On demand access means your farm manager doesn’t need to return to the farm office to get updated, they can simply check on the iPad linked to the software.  

Adjusting the potential yields during the growing cycle. 

Daily accurate farm data will give good  crop yield predictions on yields as the crop grows and will give pretty accurate (DTH) date to harvest.  Daily crop walking allows the farm manager or the agronomist to update the rest of the business as to how the crop is coming along and it’s quality & yield.

 These crop walks can be used to adjust the potential yields & movement in potential harvest dates.  When growing against program this early warning system is valuable data for the sales team.  If a crop suffers from a pest or disease attack the management can be given plenty of time to source replacement crops. 

Better crop yield predictions and forecasting; better pack house management.  

The management of the pack house relies on good data. Knowing when the harvest should be complete, how much there will be, and how many people are needed to pack the crop, will ensure a smooth packing process. If the harvest is going to be delayed by one day, this can have dramatic effects on the management of the pack house. The sooner this information can be spread to the relevant people, the easier it will be to adapt, and could help save you money.  

Planning your farm logistics affectively.  

Once the crop has been grown, harvested and packed, the crop needs to be shipped to the relevant client. This could be using your own fleet, or the client’s fleet. Farm logistics require advanced planning, as you don’t want lorries turning up to collect, and the crop isn’t ready to go. This can be expensive and affect your client relations. Using crop yield predictions sets you up for Success!

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