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Thane Goodrich, Director of Intercrop
Thane Goodrich, farm software customer

Meet Thane Goodrich; Thane has been using Live Farmer’s farm software since 2016 at Intercrop Group, and in that time, his business has gone from strength to strength.

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LiveFarmer UK farm software

Farms are incredibly challenging to run, we completely understand that. That’s why our farm software has been designed specifically to help you tackle the constant challenges being thrown your way, just like it has helped many farm managers, CEOs and owners already, including Thane.

With LiveFarmer, find all the information you need in one place, and share it with everyone who needs to know in an instant. Make the most of your land, machinery, team and time, increasing efficiency and maximising output. How much more time can you afford to lose without utilising our advanced farm software?

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