Intercrop's farm software solution

The challenge

As one of Europe’s leading salad growers, Intercrop’s growing operations aren’t exactly straightforward…it can’t be easy growing 30+ different types of crop on farms in the UK and Spain. That’s why they needed a farm software solution, to make everything so much more straightforward.

Historically, a major challenge for the company was always management of crops and availability, as multiple information resources were relied on for full visibility – this wasn’t exactly ideal.

Intercrop needed something more sophisticated, something all-encompassing, that could give them and their customers the information that they always need at their fingertips.

They wanted to be able to know what was happening on their farms in real time – they needed accurate data, accessible across all sites, which detailed every input and the availability of crops.

That’s where Live Farmer came in, providing a solution to all of Intercrop’s software problems.


Our farm software solution

We knew that Intercrop needed a solution that would enable them to manage their many crops, keep them updated with harvest availability and meet their customers’ audit requirements.

In 2016, we provided them with a system equipped with the tools to manage their crops – the perfect farm software solution, you could say – enabling them to stay up to date with the latest harvest availability data, and meet their customers’ audit requirements at the touch of a button, saving time on admin.

Intercrop found the specially-designed farm management software so valuable that although they started off just using it for farming, they now use it to manage their new packing facility, sales orders, stock control and invoicing.

The farm software solution even allows them to complete end-to-end traceability in the UK and Europe at the touch of a button.

Life with LiveFarmer's farm software solution

Since Intercrop started using Live Farmer’s farm software solution, they’ve noticed many benefits. Here’s what Thane Goodrich, Technical Director, had to say about how the software has transformed their business:

“Live Farmer has helped us manage our conventional and organic crops in the UK and Europe. It’s multilingual and simple for our farm workers to operate. We get up-to-date information in real time, which has helped us to react quickly to the variable challenges that farming throws at us.

We have much better visibility of our staff costs for harvesting and packing, which has helped us plan more effectively day to day.

“We have and will continue to recommend Live Farmer. It’s an end-to-end farming solution that is innovative and requires very little IT equipment. It helps our business to provide great service, great crops and great traceability to our customers.”

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