Crop Booster explained

What is the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster?

Kyminasi Plant Crop Booster is a REVOLUTIONARY new technology that improves the quantity and quality of crops.

The Kyminasi technology, based on biophysics, uses natural processes to give plants the necessary stimulation that they need in order to grow stronger, faster, bigger, healthier, tastier and more nutritious.


The outcomes being achieved are:  

  • Increased Profit 
  • Improved sales and contract management 
  • Reduced reliance on supplier inputs 
  • Cost Savings 
  • Efficiency increases 
  • Waste reduction 
  • Water Saving 
  • Reduction in Carbon emissions 
  • Reduced use of limited natural resources

Ultimately leading to more sustainable production and profitability. 

 It does this by: 

  • Increasing photosynthesis efficiency. 
  • Enhancing and balancing nutrient absorption and utilisation. 
  • Enhancing soil health and nutrient availability. 
  • Increasing root density. 

This means that plants need less (inputs/water/sunlight) to fuel their necessary activities and are then capable of sustaining high-production for longer periods of time. 

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How it works

The Kyminasi Plant Crop Booster is a micro-transmitter which emits radio waves (signals) at specific frequencies into the water at a molecular level. The signals mimic the natural frequency vibrations of healthy plants and beneficial microbes in the soil, boosting their natural function.   

 The Crop Booster system: 

  • Is designed and tailored to any farm. 
  • Is designed to work with any crop. 
  • Requires no energy or maintenance. 
  • Is connected to an irrigation system and activates when water passes through it.  
Harvested Rocket grown with Kyminasi Plant Booster

Rationale and Background

The electrons that hold all matter together move, and these motions create vibrations. For any structure, these vibrations combine to form a composite frequency which is known as its natural frequency. These frequencies between atoms can be identified using technology such as infrared spectroscopy. KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster technology is based on the theory that the natural frequencies of the vibrational bonds between atoms in a plant can affect the chemistry and health of that plant.   

It is further theorized that adverse environmental conditions can alter a plant’s normal frequencies in a way that negatively affect plant health. It is theorized that by exposing plants to their ideal natural frequencies for various functions, the molecules in the plants will harmonize to their normal and ideal vibratory frequencies, thereby improving plant health. The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster technology acts on plants the same way a tuning fork is used to tune a musical instrument. 

How does the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster work?

The technology looks simple, but is fairly complex. The micro transmitter is roughly the diameter of a pound coin, but about a fifth the size in thickness. The soil and plants you use for growing, have internal vibrations, known as natural frequencies. Over the last 20 years of biophysics research, the natural frequencies of numerous plants have been identified. The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster is able to transmit over 3000 different frequencies in the spectrum range of 150KHz and 10Hz. The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster creates an electromagnetic field by reacting with the irrigation pipe, which is why that section needs to be metal. All other piping either before or after the Plant growth booster can be made from whatever material you currently use.   

Kyminasi plants crop booster

Boost the plants hardiness

The UK is notorious for some unpredictable weather. It can be glorious sunshine one moment, and torrential downpour the next. If the plant undergoes too much stress, then it may die. The hardiness of the crop can determine its survival, and its overall yield. The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster study with broccoli showed the importance of the plant’s hardiness. During the early stages of the test, there was a strong hailstorm that did a lot of damage. The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster field still produced broccoli with more foliage. The KPCB caused an increase in the light levels absorbed during photosynthesis, which made for healthier plant growth.

Increase crop yield

Better crops are only half the battle, in order to scale operations, you need to increase how much you produce. The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster was designed to increase your crop yield, without needing more space. There are several methods to increase crop yield, but most require expensive chemicals, or have high running costs. The crop booster is more effective at attaining better results, and once installed, doesn’t incur any on-cost.  

Increase Profits

The ultimate goal; more crops to sell means more money. Better quality crops can be more valuable, and having more of the better crop could be extremely lucrative. The bottom line of every successful business is how much profit they make. With the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster’s minimal upfront commitment, you will get a return on your investment very quickly. 

Crop being replanted in new soil
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Harvested Rocket grown with Kyminasi Plant Booster

What do you need in order to implement the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster?

Want to learn more?

There are two ways you can get the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster, the only thing you need before you buy is an existing irrigation system. The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster comes as a preassembled pipe, or as the loose transmitter kits. The preassembled pipes are directly installed, replacing a piece of the irrigation pipe. The loose kits are attached externally, but it will require part of the irrigation pipe to be metal. 

Both kits will come with one, or more, transmitters. These transmitters contain the signals required, and are based on the size and water flow for the farm. Each farm receives a custom solution with varying strengths, depending on your current set up. The number and type of transmitters used are proportional to the flow rate. Higher flow rates, above 75 gallons per minute (GPM), will require more micro-transmitters.  

Contact us to find out how The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster can increase your crop yield, today!