Stronger broccoli yields a better harvest

Broccoli is a staple in many British people’s diets, and has a potential yield of 3 times a year. The broccoli yield per hectare is roughly 8 tonnes. There are technological solutions that can help increase the yield, that won’t add long term costs to your production.  

What is the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster micro-transmitter? 

Many of the solutions to increase your broccoli yield require more direct input, whereas the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster has been designed to get the best results, with minimal input. Even though the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster micro-transmitters are easy to use, they do require specialised installation. The KYMINASI PLANTS CROP BOOSTER needs a metal pipe section in order to work, but the rest of your existing irrigation system can remain the same. The micro-transmitter starts to work when it is subject to running water. The most revolutionary aspect of the KYMINASI PLANTS CROP BOOSTER micro-transmitter is that it requires no maintenance, and no power to operate. They only need replacing once every two years. 

How does the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster micro-transmitter work for to increase broccoli yield? 

On a subatomic level, there are electrons that are in constant motion. This constant motion is what creates vibrations, which are known as natural frequencies. The frequencies from the broccoli are loaded into the KYMINASI PLANTS CROP BOOSTER, can help the broccoli with its growth, creating better food for the market. The micro-transmitter creates an electromagnetic field by using the metal pipe. When the water passes through the electromagnetic field, it collects the information stored in the micro-transmitter, and is carried to the plant. Even though the KYMINASI PLANTS CROP BOOSTER transmitter needs to be installed on a metal pipe to work, the rest of the irrigation piping can be made from plastic.  

What does the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster micro-transmitter effect? 

There are 6 key areas in which the KYMINASI PLANTS CROP BOOSTER works, and each of these areas work together to help increase your broccoli yield. As vegetables have a low natural frequency, the micro-transmitter is set in the frequency range between 150KHz and 10Hz. There are over 3000 frequencies being utilised in this spectrum, and each are programmed into the micro-transmitter. These frequencies help with most of the broccoli’s life cycle; increasing the absorption efficiency of oxygen, nitrogen, water, nitric acid, light and carbon dioxide.  

What evidence supports the effectiveness of the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster? 

The study was based in Ecuador and installed on a broccoli field. The field that was treated with the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster produced more foliage than the control field. This was due to the increase in light absorbing properties, which increased photosynthesis. During the experiment there was a severe hailstorm, and the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster treated crops were able to survive and repair. This was due to the increased hardiness and stress tolerance of the plant.  

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