Farm planning software designed for Packhouse Managers

Have you been looking for farm planning software that has been designed specifically to help you in your role, running the packhouse? Are you fed up with having to make decisions on the fly to try and match up demand with stock control and farm supply?

Well then, let us introduce you to LiveFarmer!

Being a Packhouse Manager can be a stressful job, when all too often, you don’t know demand until just three days ahead, leaving you with nowhere near enough time to harvest your crops, check them over for quality, get them packed up and distributed to your customers.

It’s a tough balancing act, trying to keep your team happy, your customers satisfied, and meet the business’ needs. And the most frustrating thing? It happens over and over again.


That’s where farm planning software comes in

What if you could stop all that firefighting and become more productive every single working day?

How different would your role be if you were given that vital information to help you to plan and get ahead of workloads? If you were able to plan labour more accurately ahead of time, relative to demand? And make confident, informed decisions using real-time information?

With Live Farmer, all of this can become a reality.

Make your farm a better business

Live Farmer can help you match up demand with supply, so you no longer have to make rushed decisions right at the eleventh hour, and your salespeople can see what your order progress and capacity are at any given time.

Our innovative farm planning software can help you to avoid the last-minute chaos of fulfilling a customer order at such short notice. With that comes a reduced risk of disappointing your customers, therefore making your farm an even better business.

Is such a solution something you can afford to carry on operating without?


Our farm planning software enables you to switch packing to another product in an instant, and keep your team of packers working efficiently, to maximum capacity rather than wasting precious minutes.

Say goodbye to that last-minute chaos of fulfilling a late order, and plan your labour ahead of time with multiple customers. It’s as easy as that!

How different could your role be as Packhouse Manager, and how much more productive could your packing team be, with a helping hand from Live Farmer?

You could soon find out, and start reaping the rewards.

Do you want to get back in control of your packhouse?