Agriculture software making Agronomists’ lives easier

Imagine a world where auditing and traceability could be easy, where all the data you could possibly need to know what’s going on could be right at your fingertips, all thanks to agriculture software. Isn’t that the dream? It probably sounds too good to be true…

Instead, do you feel like you’re going around and around in circles sometimes, juggling multiple spreadsheets, random paperwork and various pieces of software to get the job done?

We completely get it – agronomy can be stressful and frustrating.


That’s why we developed our advanced agriculture software, LiveFarmer

It can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t know whether or not all your hard work will get to the right people, or be with them in time, whether it’s the Health and Safety auditor, Farm Manager or Harvest Manager.

What if instead, you could see everything you needed in one place, on one screen? What if you could safely and securely submit all your data, putting it straight into the right people’s hands without having to lift a finger, equipping you, along with everyone else on the farm, to deliver even better results?

That’s just one of many things that Live Farmer can do to help you and your farm.

Save time and stress

Live Farmer’s agriculture software makes agronomy easier, giving you one central place to document all your data. No more notepads or spreadsheets to try and keep together in some kind of order or make sense of, and no more stress trying to get your data to the relevant people so you can help them in their roles. With Live Farmer, you can even notify the Harvest Manager if and when they can’t harvest during withholding period.

By bringing everything together – your crop walks, Health and Safety assessments, and quality checks – your role can be made so much easier, and in turn, you can help your colleagues to be more effective and efficient in their roles, too.

How much time and stress do you think it could save you moving forward?

If you want to end the stress, get all the data you need at your fingertips, and see the back of random spreadsheets and paperwork, Live Farmer’s agriculture software is exactly what you need.

Our software can help you to get more done in every working day, making your farm even more productive and in turn, more profitable.

Start delivering even better results, with Live Farmer.

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