Automation: build traceability and compliance

Keeping ever stage, issue, and solution documented is a laborious task. If you miss anything off, it can be almost impossible to find the information. Supermarkets require full traceability documents in order for you to sell to them. By having set processes that are linked per job, you can see everything that happened to that crops harvest cycle.   

Compliance doesn’t need to be complicated 

Live editing of current jobs gives on-demand, instant access to everyone involved in the harvest. You can have compliance checklists that trigger in regards to certain jobs. Such as having the grower do a checklist on any machinery they use, before going into the field. Building the compliance into your processes, will mitigate mistakes, and keep your team safer.    

  • Who is responsible for company compliance? 
  • Who is responsible for individual compliance? 
  • Do you know where your crops have been throughout the entire job? 

LiveFarmer uses Automation for compliance and traceability 

As each harvest becomes a new job, everything related to that particular harvest is in one place. The automation capabilities allow for linking the results automatically, and gives clear data on what has happened, and what is planned to happen. You need to perform risk assessments for each area of your farm. You also have to keep your farm health and safety policy aligned with government regulations. 

If you don’t perform a risk assessment, you won’t be able introduce measures to lower potential risk. Faulty vehicles may be mildly inconvenient, but they can also be dangerous. Health and safety on a farm can be difficult, yet critical, as it requires heavy machinery being moved around all the time. 

By setting up a required checklist, a vehicle can only be signed out of the Farm management software if it completed. Protecting the user from using faulty equipment, lowers the risk of serious injury, and can stop your farm facing legal repercussions. 

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