How does Farm management software streamline your machine protocols?

Farm management software can help with farm machine servicing in a number of ways. For example, it can help farmers keep track of their machines’ maintenance schedules, so that they know when each machine is due for a service. This can help farmers avoid costly repairs or replacements by catching problems early and addressing them before they become severe. 

Inventory management 

LiveFarmer helps farmers keep track of the parts and supplies they need for servicing their machines. Knowing what parts are available when needed, farmers can use the software to keep track of their inventory of oil, filters, and other machine parts. This will help with making sure you always have the items available, and whether you need to order more. This can help farmers avoid running out of parts at critical times and ensure that their machines are always running smoothly. 

Simplified service recording 

LiveFarmer farm management software provides the ability to store service records, parts inventory, and machine utilisation rate to make it easier for you to maintain their machines. Allowing you to make more informed decisions about when to replace a machine or which machine to invest in. 

Effortlessly assign the right people to the right job 

When employees have the qualifications and skills necessary for their roles, they can be more efficient at their work. Documenting employee qualifications in farm management software can help farmers identify which employees are best suited for certain tasks, and assign them accordingly, which can lead to improved productivity and profitability. 

Planning for future harvests 

Keeping records of employee qualifications and their job experience is useful for you to plan for the future. If the new labour force already has certain licenses, they can be better allocated to certain jobs. If you document everything correctly, you can better assign job roles, and identify gaps in qualifications, or if you don’t have enough certified people.  

Training and development 

Tracking employee qualifications, farmers can identify areas where employees may need additional training or development to improve their skills and knowledge. This can help farmers invest in employee development and ensure that their workforce is well-equipped to meet the changing needs of the farm. 

Reoccurring maintenance planning 

You can create and manage a schedule of regular maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations. This will ensure you have the safest, and most effective equipment, that is always in good working condition; reducing the likelihood of costly breakdowns or serious injury. 

Track where when and how a machine is used 

You can use LiveFarmer to track the usage of different pieces of equipment, so you can identify which machines are being used most frequently, and which are nearing the end of their useful life. Taking this information into account, you can prioritize more critical maintenance and repairs, or take early steps to replace the older machines. 

Remote monitoring 

With the addition of technology, such as AirTags, you can even monitor where a given piece of equipment is located. LiveFarmer is built for future developments within the industry. With smarter tractors and harvesters, you can check the machine status, performance, and diagnose error messages remotely. The technology is being rapidly developed, and is always changing. Farm management software needs to be built to accommodate these changes quickly and easily. You will be able to link specific proprietary apps to LiveFarmer, so all the data is collected. 

Part of the British Retail Consortium’s compliance 

The BRC audits are intended to ensure that the machinery used in food production and packaging is safe and hygienic, and that it is operated and maintained in a way that minimizes the risk of contamination. They have also committed to oversee their members’ operations meet their net zero target by 2040. This includes using more environmentally friendly machinery, that is regularly serviced. 

Automated reports 

With all the data being uploaded, it would take a long time to collate and compare this information manually. LiveFarmer is built for automating these tasks; generating reports about machine usage, fuel consumption, and operation hours. which can give a better understanding of the performance of equipment. 

More from LiveFarmer 

LiveFarmer opens up the possibilities to remove all the tedious tasks, and focus on making your business run smoothly. As compliance and documentation are necessary for you to operate, you don’t have a choice with what you document, but you do choose how you document it. Heavy duty machines are complex, and can often be dangerous. Even if safety wasn’t a top priority, the legal ramifications from inadequate training, and lacklustre documentation, could lead to legal problems. LiveFarmer does so much more than keeping your machines in great working order, so get in contact with us, today! Email us at, call on 0333 358 9000, or fill in the contact form below. 

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