Specialist farm software for New Shoots

The challenge

When we first started speaking to the New Shoots team, they were looking for specialist farm software that could help them with a number of niggles, getting the right processes in place before any big problems could arise.

One priority was to find an advanced software solution that could help them to streamline their business from a paperwork and auditing perspective, with strict auditing required for both BRC and Red Tractor.

As a growing business, the software also needed to be scalable, and enable them to manage their staff, now and in the future, no matter how many employees they may have in five or even ten years’ time.

New Shoots also wanted real-time visibility of what’s happening on the farm, accessible anywhere, at any time.


The solution - specialist farm software

We equipped New Shoots with a specialist farm software solution to tick all their boxes – an end-to-end software package that will allow them to grow their business without having to hire several members of staff to take care of admin.

Now that they have all necessary parts of their farm management in one central location, it has meant that they don’t need to waste time updating several different spreadsheets, and we all know that time is money.

One particular element of the software that the New Shoots team wanted was crop auditing, so we made sure they knew how to hit the ground running, and since implementation in January 2020, this feature has proved invaluable to both New Shoots and their customers.

Most importantly, as New Shoots have big growth goals, Live Farmer can grow with them for years to come.

Life with LiveFarmer's specialist farm software

New Shoots is growing, and Live Farmer will be there every step of the way with specialist farm software that’s continually improving. Here’s what Tom Bulpitt, Director, had to say about working with us:

“Live Farmer has given us the confidence to take on more land, more crops and more people without the extra admin costs. The farm manager can see where his team members are, what they are doing, and make sure that they are following all our procedures to get the crops grown our way.

“We recommend Live Farmer to anyone who asks us what we use. Live Farmer gives me a full oversight of the farm, machinery, workers and crops. I can access any farm data, anytime, from anywhere.

Being able to see our variable costs as the crops are growing helps us to control them and to make the business more profitable.”


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