Top 5 ways to get better carrot harvest

Carrots are a popular vegetable consumed in the UK, and therefore are a profitable crop to grow for farmers . Carrots are popular for their versatility, as they go great in stews and soups. They are relatively hardy, and can withstand bad weather for a short period of time. Carrots can also give continuous crop yield, with carrot harvest times of every three weeks.  

Best time to plant for a good carrot harvest 

Carrots are grown from seeds, and the best time to plant carrots is between August and April, as they usually grow best in late autumn and early spring. Carrots need as much sunlight as possible. Preferably between 6 and 8 hours a day; meaning field location is very important. 

Sow carrot seeds at a shallow depth 

In contrast to many other vegetables, you don’t want to plan the carrot seeds too deep. This is because the seeds are very small. The soil should be sandy and well drained, with the seeds being sowed near half an inch deep. Then the seeds need to be covered by a small layer of soil. 

Water regularly 

Carrot seeds will not be able to germinate if they are in dry soil. They need regular watering to encourage them to grow. This is easier to achieve with irrigation, as it will evenly distribute water to keep the ground moist.  

Keep on top of weeding 

Carrots only have access to the nutrients in their direct vicinity. They don’t cope well with competition for nutrients. Weeds will take up most of the nutrients the carrot can access, which will kill off the crop.  


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