Overcome the problems with growing cauliflower using this one simple product!

Cauliflower and broccoli global market

The cauliflower and broccoli global market is valued at 23.1 billion USD. Making cauliflower a popular vegetable for growers and consumers. Cauliflower is part of the brassica family, along with broccoli and cabbage. In December 2019, the UK weather caused a massive decrease in cauliflower yield, and having to rely on imports from the continent. 

The heavy rain destroyed the Lincolnshire harvest; which increased wholesale prices by 400%. Cauliflower struggles in any extreme scenario, and prefers cool climates. Heatwaves and cold snaps make growing cauliflower a more difficult crop to grow for beginners.  

The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster; plant regrowth after a harsh winter 

The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster is a micro-transmitter that uses a range of electromagnetic frequencies to stimulate better crop growth. Over several tests of different crop types, the results have shown an increase in crop yield, more nutritious plants, and a better hardiness. 

There wasn’t an experiment conducted on cauliflower specifically, but there were tests on broccoli and cabbage. Each crop is part of the same family of vegetables, and both saw interesting results. 

Cabbage grew back after 60 days of winter 

This test was on a smaller scale, using 8 ornamental cabbage plants. The Kyminasi headquarters, based in Como, Italy, used 8 separate pots, for this teat. 3 groups of two pots, each testing a different variation of the KPCB, and 1 group of 2 pots as the control group. The plants were watered from the first week of December, up to the 21st of December; which was less than 3 weeks.

The 3 variants of the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster were version 4, version 5, and the Tech 6. They were then left on the open-air terrace during the winter, killing or stopping growth in all cabbages. When the warmer weather came, all the plants treated with the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster started to regrow, whereas the control group had died.  

Broccoli survived a devastating hailstorm 

An unprecedented hailstorm in December 2021, saw large scale damage to Broccoli being grown in Ecuador. The test was conducted over two fields, one control, and one with the KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster installed on the irrigation system.

When it came to harvest, the treated field had much larger leaves, which protected more of the crop from the hailstorm. The bigger leaves allowed more sunlight to be photosynthesised, which produced better quality crops. 

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